All That Is Solid Melts Into Air
We can‘t really know what the world looks like. Many people believe we can, but I don’t think so. ”David Hockney
I have always been interested in paying attention to and questioning the real appearance of the world in which we live in. No matter how I observe, analyze and ponder, I always feel that I can’t accurately grasp it or see through it. Or, maybe no one else can do.
Rolling Snowball 12 |Víkurland 6, Djúpivogur, Iceland | 2019
Parts of this work under exhibited 
Rolling Snowball 12 |Víkurland 6, Djúpivogur, Iceland 2019

这个展览名为 " 一切实体,迟早烟消云散",源自《共产党宣言》。这句宣言是这个作品创作的起始点:它隐约指向了一个我所探索的方向,或者说,它引导着创作延伸进入诗的意象的范畴。在作品的视觉呈现上,我想要的是一种普遍的感受,一种可以让每个人共通的诗意。探寻“诗意的范式”,即“诗意”产生的源头和演化逻辑,它如何被诠释并浮现:这个过程和结果会帮助我再多拨开一层对“世界真实样貌”的遮挡。

This work in exhibition is called All That Is Solid Melts Into Air, which is quoted from Manifesto of the Communist Party. As the starting point of this work, this statement implicitly points to the direction I am exploring, or I can say, it leads the creation to the category of poetic imagery. As for the visual presentation of the work, what I try to approach is a kind of universal feeling: a poetic field that everyone can reach. Exploring the poetic “paradigm”, the source and evolutionary logic of the “poetry”, is to explore how it is interpreted and emerged. This process and its results will help me unveilone layer of the shelters of the real appearance of the world.

The Mountains from All That Is Solid Melts Into Air \ photography | 2019
Through the modification and combination of images and texts, I try to make a kind of multi-level experience to represent our world and create a kind of mysterious illusion and depth in it. Seen that our perception of reality is multi-level, I tried to superimpose one layer of experience on top of another. The multiple superpositions make the familiar experience begin to be unfamiliar. Thus when the experience becomes untrustworthy, suspicion then emerges.
The Towers from All That Is Solid Melts Into Air \ digital photography | 2019
Therefore, there is nothing particularly strange when viewers appreciatethe scene in this work, everything is almost correct. I just removed a little something or added a little other thing, and then,things all became different. 


They must be about the depiction of the visible world, but different from everything that we have seen.”  ——David Hockney

The North from All That Is Solid Melts Into Air \ installation | 2019


I create a small space where the magnetic field in and around is chaotic. The pointers of the compasses placed around vibratedisorderly and irregularly. It implies that some seemingly uncertain crises seem to be happening and also refer to the vertigo that human beings may have when they are in the modern urban jungles.

The Falling Flame from All That Is Solid Melts Into Air \ digital photography | 2019
这张摄影的名字叫“火焰从天而降”,拍摄是爬山虎在现代城市的角落中疯狂而短暂生长的图景。 我对图像进行了调色处理,并删减了环境的上下文,让视角构成了类似舞台的框架或窗口。 
This digital photo shows the creepers grows wildly but shortly in the corner of urban space. I toned the picture and removed the context of the environment, making the composition look like a stage or a window.
Two Rainbows from All That Is Solid Melts Into Air \ Photography | 2019

This photo is named Two Rainbows which a louveris presented. The blocked sun creates two rainbow halos on the image through the slats of the louver. They are phantoms that can only be captured through the medium of a camera and can only be visually represented in our view through the medium of photo. If the viewers gaze at the photo, they will feel that the lines and halos in it are moving and flashing. A kind of visual illusion will emerge.

“Yes, this is a dizzying image.”

Digital photography from the art project of ‘The Lasting Future’,copyright  belongs to artist Jin Jing
The Urban Cave from All That Is Solid Melts Into Air \ digital photography | 2019
I often feel uncertain and anxious about the city I live in, the state of existence, and the future. This kind of anxiety is a latentdark tone. Every time when my life is on a good way, it will like a ghost suddenly drifted through my body. Just like a breath of cold air opened the window slit and blew into a carnival room, giving me the shivers. So, I try to capture the tail of this ghost and reproduce the “world” filtered by my anxiety in a visual and perceptible way.
One page of notes | 2019

“The overflowing city

Surrounded by hidden epitaphs,

Whenever I face it, I am always eager to say something.

‘Hurry up, say something, anything, 

to turn the intangible feelings into something real ! ’

However, whenever I try to catch them, they begin flee in my body. The connection between them and the line of communication are a mess. I try my every best to catch one of them... but it ends up stuck in my throat.

I feel suffocated.

Then, once again, I have no choice but to keep silent. 

Gradually, I feel that all the feelings in my body are scattered in all directions, I regain the feelings of tranquility and empty.”

This project in progressing, will be updated soon